The Adventure of a New Programmer

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How is it going, everyone? My name's Mohammed Asker, and I'm excited to begin my blogging here on Devblogs.

I named my blog "Coding Tales" because I plan to document my long journey of becoming a software developer and post new articles as I make progress in developing my coding skills.

Right now, my articles will be simple and may not amount to much, but maybe in the near future, it will become an invaluable source of information for a new comers and will serve as point of references, so that someday when someone asked me how I learn to code without computer science degree or related, l'll gladly refer them to the articles I wrote.

And since it was written at the time when my knowledge is limited and from the beginner's point of view, it will be easy for them to understand and find comfort that there's at least one person who will understand the pain of new programmers.

As a newbie in coding, I'm going to record all the things that I've done during my journey and will share you all the tricks, methods, and resources that help me to level up my coding skills and to grow better as a developer as well as showing to you what have worked for me and what didn't.

You'll witness both all my successes and failures and learn from my mistakes so that you won't repeat it and be more productive.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading my adventures and I welcome all constructive criticisms which will help to improve my blog. And I'm looking forward to read and learn a lot from you as well.

Well then, have a nice day and happy coding!

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